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Double J Saddlery is proud to introduce THE DUKE

The Duke features a custom design to fit many different trees. The swells have a significant undercut for close contact and grip, a 3 ½ horn, and a special 4” comfort cantle. The seat is a center pocket design with extra rise in the front. It also has our Double J 3 way in skirt rigging system, and patented adjustable stirrup leather hanger system, the leather is Herman Oak Leather.

Everybody is built differently, consequently we all have a different balance point, which is the point where we are most centered and balanced in the saddle. One of the key features of The Duke is our patented adjustable stirrup leather hanger that allows the rider to reposition the way the fender hangs while the saddle is on the horse’s back. The benefit is it makes it easier to stay with a horse regardless of his form to function or the jockey’s riding style. “There are four spacers where the stirrup leathers hang from the saddle,” Duke explains. “I can adjust those spacers to push my stirrup leathers forward or back, depending on what I need to stay balanced on a particular horse. Those spacers keep the stirrups hanging under my legs.”

Other design elements that enable the rider to stay centered in the saddle are adjustments to the swell and cantle. “The front of the saddle is designed to keep you in place on horses that drop hard and are very turny; it’s a very secure feeling swell. “ Duke says. “The seat and cantle are designed to allow you to sit more square in the middle of the horse. I don’t like my saddles quite as tall in the back, so we flattened and lowered the cantle a little bit. It still has the pocket in the rise, but it creates a more balanced feel.”

The Duke saddles specifically spend an extra three days in production just for the sake of oiling and setting the stirrups, resulting in that comfortable, “broke in” feel, right out of the box.

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