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All Pozzi flex saddles are built on a special elastomer foundation, with fiberglass re-enforced wood pommels and cantles. The special formulation of the elastomer in the foundation produces the flex, and most of the flex is from front to back as the saddle sits one the horse. Very minimal flex occurs from side to side in the gullet and cantle areas. Because bar angle is so important to saddle fit in the gullet area, we offer a wide variety of fits etc. Seat sizes from 12 1/2" to 15" are currently available. We offer our flex trees in different fits: standard, wide, X wide, & XX wide.


This saddle is designed with all the features of our standard Double J Pozzi Pro, with a 5" cantle, although 4 1/2" is available. The special design of all Double J fenders produces a full range of motion with your legs, particularly when you want to set down and get your legs forward. The Pozzi Pro Flex bars react to the body heat from the horse, producing additional conformation and flex for your horse’s back. Combine all these features with the additional comfort of our foam lined skirts, and you have ultimate comfort and fit for both horse and rider. And, this saddle is available in any of the great designs featured on any saddle on our website!

All Double J Flex Saddles come with Foam Lined Skirts

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