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Double J Saddlery is proud to introduce our SPINAL RELIEF SYSTEM. This saddle is built on our new flex tree, designed to conform to the horse’s unique shape, and further enhanced by our flexible foam & suede lined skirts. This uniquely tunnel design of the saddle skirts provides complete relief of contact along the entire length of the horses spine. No part of the saddle touches the horse’s spine, helping to alleviate some of the issues brought on by Kissing Spine Syndrome. The Pro Flex is pictured, but the system is available on the Pozzi Flex, the Pursuit Flex, and our Fits Better Flex. We also offer this system in a wide variety of fits, including standard, wide, X-wide, & XX-wide The system is available on any style saddle we make, and any look you’d like! Let us build one just for you.

Brittany Pozzi shares her personal testimony on her own experience. "In the last few years, we have seen a rise in horses with kissing spine. Vets have developed ways to manage it, including surgery. I personally have had horses affected by it, and have managed it with injections and even surgery on occasion. We've had some discussions at Double J about how to provide some relief for this issue. The result is the Spinal Relief System. I am currently using the spinal relief saddle on a mare with this issue. She clocked 3 exact times (16.7) at the first event I used the saddle, and was .3 faster the next weekend. She has done a total turn around and is now consistently in the 1D! I’m so excited about this new creation and feel like we can help horses suffering from this condition. GAME CHANGER!"

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