SPR249 - Double J Pro Barrel Racer



Double J Pro Barrel Racer Saddle - 3/4 Tool - 45* Patterns
Leather: Black
Tooling Pattern: Texas Poppy with Bronze Hi-Lites
Border Pattern: Copper Buckstitch with Double Border on Roughout
Horn: Leather
Front: Tooled with Buckstitch front and welt
Seat & Color: Bicycle in Black Copper/Bronze Caiman Gator
Seat Jockey: Roughout with Border Tool
Cantle: Tooled and Buckstitched
Rigging: 3 Way in Skirt - Rear Slot
Skirt: Tooled - 45* Corners - Buckstitch Front and Rear - Foam Lined
Fender: Tooled - 45* Corners - Buckstitch - D J Logo with Copper J's
Stirrup: Black Engraved Aluminum
Copper Spur Rowel

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