SPS212 - Pro Shooter Saddle



Pro Shooter Saddle - Full Tooled
Leather: Brown Skirting
Tooling Pattern: Arrow Basketweave
Border Pattern: Triangular I-Beam and Cream Buckstitch
Horn: #8 - Set Lower in Tree
Front: Tooled with Border and Buckstitch
Seat & Color: Bicycle in Genuine Giraffe
Seat Jockey: Tooled with Border Tool and Partial Buckstitch
Cantle: Tooled with Tooled Border and Buckstitch
Rigging: 3 Way In Skirt - In Skirt Rear D
Skirt: Tooled with Border Tooled - Overlay With In Skirt Rear D - Buckstitch Skirt and Overlay - Foam Lined
Fender: Tooled with Border - JJ Logo Painted Cream
Stirrup: Leather Tooled Sloped
C979 - Antique Copper Spur Rowel

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