CLEARANCE SCT201 - Double J Cutter Saddle – Double J Saddlery
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CLEARANCE SCT201 - Double J Cutter Saddle

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  • 16 1/2" (48330)

16 1/2" (48330) - Conditions May Vary

Cutter Saddle - 1/2 Tool - Rounded Pattern 90*
TREE: Pro Cutter
Leather: Chestnut in Heavy Oil
Tooling Pattern: Box Basketweave
Border Pattern: Triangular I-Beam
Horn: Leather
Front: Border Tool
Seat & Color: Hard Seat with Border Tool
Seat Jockey: Border Tool
Cantle: Border Tool
Rigging: 3 Way in Skirt - Rear Dee
Skirt: Border Tool - Foam Lined
Rear Jockey: Border Tooled
Fender: Border Tooled
Stirrup: Wooden
C1492 - Coppered Hammer
Trim: Strings Front and Rear with Latigo Tie Straps

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