Small 3/16" - Regular 3/8" - Large 1/2" - Extra Large 5/8"
Double J Nailheads Dots
N00 - Stainless Steel Nailhead
N01 - Brass Nailhead
N02 - Copper Nailhead
N05 - Turquoise Black Swirl Nailhead
N14 - Black Nailhead
N15 - Silver Engraved Nailhead
N16 - Antique Silver Engraved Nailhead
N18 - Antique Copper Engraved Nailhead
N19 - Turquoise Matrix Nailhead
N26 - Antique Silver Rope Edge Nailhead 
N27 - Antique Brass Flower Nailhead 
N28 - Antique Silver Flower Nailhead
N29 - Antique Copper Flower Nailhead
N30 - Copper Patina Nailhead
N31 - Dark Antique Brass Nailhead
N32 - Antique Brass Engraved Nailhead
N33 - Antique Brass Parachute Nailhead
N34 - Antique Silver Parachute Nailhead
N35 - Antique Copper Parachute Nailhead
N37 - Dark Antique Silver Nailhead
N38 - Antique Copper Rope Edge Nailhead
N39 - Antique Copper Rope Edge Patina Nailhead
N40 - Antique Copper Patina Flower Nailhead

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